Dec 28

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A Heinlein Gallery

Yes, I’m still on my Have Spacesuit — Will Travel kick.  I made an image for my previous post of my extended ending, and just kept going.  So sit back and try to enjoy some more images, created just for the heck of it without a mind toward pecuniary advantage.

You’ll also notice that Peewee looks different than she did in my tribute to her.  That’s because I did the actual rendering in 3ds Max and could therefore get the blonde hair to work like it’s supposed to.  I could also make clothes drape properly and do fancier things with materials.  DAZ Studio can do a good job with select options (see my Ik entry, http://duane.duane-n-lisa.net/wordpress/?p=95) but it doesn’t have the sheer power and flexibility of Max.

I’m thinking I should have spent more time making Wormface ugly, but there’s always that trade-off.

In the Pasture Across the Creek

Wormface Landing

This is how the adventure started. The nearer flying saucer has just been landed by 11-year-old Peewee, who has stolen it from an alien base on the moon. It turned out to be Kip’s lucky day: he happened to be wearing a space suit.

 The Wormface Up Close

Wormface up Close

They call themselves “The Only People,” as they have a propensity toward arrogance. There are things more fun than being grilled by one for an hour on the value of humans as a food source. There is a third eye in the back.

The Wormface Base on Pluto

Pluto Base

You never know what kinds of pests may be lurking in the dark corners of your stellar system. If you are ever a prisoner (and on the menu) in a place like this, be sure to have a Mother Thing with you.

Peewee Tests Her Vegan Space Suit

Peewee's New Space Suit

The old Earth-built tourist suit she had was a piece of crap that nearly killed her, so she upgraded. The “sun” light on Vega-5 will kill a human within minutes.

The Mother Thing’s Ship Starting Its Quantum Space Fold*

Mother-Thing's Ship

You know how far the wormfaces are ahead of humans technologically? Well, that ain’t jack! The Three Galaxies alliance is a few thousand times that far ahead of them. Look carefully; you can see stars reflected in its mirror-like surface.

 Wormfaces on Trial

Wormfaces on Trial

You have to look closely to see them from this distance, but they’re there. Kip described the room as so big he expected thunderstorms to break out inside. Advice to everyone, not just wormfaces: when you are on trial for your life, do not tell the judges you have no regard for their laws because you don’t “contract with animals.”

Kip and Peewee Save the World

Kip and Peewee

If you’re glad you’re breathing air instead of vacuum because the atmosphere is frozen solid at your feet, thank the courage of these two kids 167,000 light-years from home. If you want to know exactly how that all went down, you’ll have to read the book. Doesn’t that straight-down lighting make people look creepy? In fact, I hate that lighting so much that I keep thinking of doing this image over.

*The term “quantum space fold” does not appear in the novel. It is a name I assigned based on the description. There is a theory (I know, because I thought it up, which means someone better at the math probably also has thought it up) that the Big Bang didn’t happen as we think. All particles still occupy the same point and what we perceive as distance is an artifact of a quantum interaction number that behaves sort of like an angle. It explains action at a distance, and lets the Mother Thing’s ship be possible.

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