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Jun 05

Wolfram Alpha: The Sci-FI Writer’s Friend

Any discussion of Wolfram Alpha should start with Wolfram’s flagship and source of dominance in the universe: Mathematica®, upon which I imagine Alpha is built.  There are any number of categories of software that leave me amazed that such works of accomplishment can even spawn from the limited human mind: regular expression parsers, C++ compilers, …

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Jul 01

Final Horizon Approaches

Final Horizon has an unusual history. I had an idea for a space horror novel that I tentatively called Butterflies, a particularly and intentionally deceptive name. But I never wrote it because I didn’t see the point. Just another monster story. Just another alien planet.  It didn’t really have anything to say other than as …

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Apr 19

A Word on Canonicity

Canonicity may be the most important thing. dictionary.com defines “canon”, as relevant to this post: 3. the body of rules, principles, or standards accepted as axiomatic and universally binding in a field of study or art. The important qualification here is that in any field, in order to be canon, it has to be consistent …

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Jan 24

Where is The Humanity Experiment?

The Humanity Experiment was supposed to be out in 2016, wasn’t it?  And this is 2017 already, isn’t it?  What happened? Well, aside from the usual delays that come about from the vagaries of real life, where there is a lot going on, there is a lot going on in the story.  Heck, we have …

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Jan 23

Suppose You’re Not You

There have been a lot of jokes based upon the old expression, “I’m not myself today”. If your questionable identity should be any more than simply an adage, you would have to ask, then, who you actually are. Likewise, the idea has been the springboard for a lot of stories. Off the top of my …

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