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Jan 23

Suppose You’re Not You

There have been a lot of jokes based upon the old expression, “I’m not myself today”. If your questionable identity should be any more than simply an adage, you would have to ask, then, who you actually are. Likewise, the idea has been the springboard for a lot of stories. Off the top of my …

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Dec 06

Children with Adult Minds

Here in the early part of December, this year’s National Novel Writing Month, affectionately known as NaNoWriMo to participants, is fresh in my mind. I wrote Ik. Ik first saw the light of the real universe as a character in a role-playing game my brother-in-law invented. My first character, the one before her, was a …

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Oct 06

Beware of Ik!

Must be half demon if only half. She’s got a soul darker than the devil himself, and more fire and power, too. Notice how folks are scared to sit too close? … Pretty as an angel and quiet as smoke.  But I can guarantee that you don’t want to find out what’s on the inside. …

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Feb 24

Would You Recognize Your Characters?

I mean, if you were walking down the street after leaving the bank, and one of your characters was walking the other way, would you recognize him? I got thinking about that because American Graffiti was just on. I get most into the stories of Steve and Laurie and John and Carol, if you want …

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Feb 23

Coming Soon – 2016

Yes, I know The White Shamitz was supposed to be out in 2015. It would have been had certain things not happened, most of which you probably don’t want to hear about. The one that might interest you is that a writer friend talked me into participating in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), so I …

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