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Jan 30

Have Spaceship — Will Travel 1: Peewee in Centerville

If  you’ve read any of this blog at all, you know that Robert Heinlein’s Have Space Suit — Will Travel is probably my all-time favorite science fiction book. Those who understand its virtues are uniquely blessed. In the comments following an earlier post about “Peewee” Reisfeld, another HSWT fan and I speculated on what happened …

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Dec 29

Why I Haven’t Written for Children

  There are a few things that people shouldn’t do unless they can’t help it. Unless they were born to do it. Two of those are writing and teaching, and I am afflicted with both. If you’ve read my profile anywhere, you know that I’ve been writing for a long, long time.  I’m not even …

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Aug 09

Beauty in the Universe

In Korvoros, Timothy Saugers is convinced that Risha Dyrrya is the prettiest girl he’s ever seen. That could be true; she is Hamoni and he’s only seen humans up until that point. In A Hierarchy of Gods, Lesley ponders several times about how pretty the Trarsani girls Nekalee and Ritee are, and Whithers is all …

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Aug 08

Are There Blacks in My Universe?

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine introduced a character that threw me for a loop for a moment: Commander Tuvok. A black Vulcan? Really? But as I thought about it for a few minutes, given the nature of the planet, perhaps one should be more surprised that any of them are white. It’s a hot, sunny …

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Jul 05

Seven Things Wrong with “Doc” Smith’s Bergenholm


The Bergenholm remains a fascinating piece of technology. I intend to write a blog post about the various technologies that have worked their way into science fiction to allow us to reach the distant stars in more than 1000 human lifetimes. There are several of them: hyperspace, subspace, jump ships, warp bubbles, wormholes, even merely …

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