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The following books are available for Amazon Kindle (mobi format). If there proves to be enough demand, I'll make them available in epub format and print editions. In the meantime, if you want the book in epub format (Apple, Nook, etc.) and send me your Amazon copy, I'll send you back an epub version.

The Saga of Banak-Zuur

The human race, along with all other intelligent life in the universe, is at the threshold of being exterminated, and the mighty armadas of all the galactic empires combined are helpless to intervene. The one slim hope lies in untangling the scant clues to a mystery 75,000 — or 4.5 million, or 400 million — years old. The fate of the future lies in a handful of unlikely heros scattered across known space and eight volumes as two by two they are caught up in a project that may have been started before dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Do they have time to discover that the ultimate weapon lies in their laps, and so familiar it has become invisible?

End of the Ancients

The world of elves and dwarves (and other things) is a realm of high magic and equally deep mysteries. The End of the Ancients trilogy explores what happened to the Ancients and pits human Lad Oxley, the \"Scholar of Woodhaven\", against puzzles and traps left in their wake. The second trilogy, Echoes of the Ancients chronicles the rise of a new threat west of the Anzadan mountains and the handful of daring adventurers who struggle to discover if the Ancients have left enough magic to save them.

Single Works

There are several standalone noverls either written through the draft stage (Sjøfn's Daughter, Ik) or still being finished (The Offering, Final Horizon, The Emperor's Daughter), one that belongs in another trilogy (The Invisible War: Ships of Shadow) and probably a dozen others somewhere in the creative process. Nemesis is the only one to date that I've released, but the others are coming. I promise.


If you are a fiction writer, you know that stories often just come on their own and demand to be written down. I've started collecting those into anthologies to sell for a mere 99¢. Quantum Incoherence is the first, but Statistical Psychodynamics is on the horizon.

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