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Duane’s Science Enrichment Series

I have started this page in pursuit of my perpetual interest in science education.  Most of these are topics that I’ve brought up in general chemistry class as “enrichment” topics, and I brought most of them up because they were points that were unclear to me for along time and which I believe the traditional methods of teaching science fail to get across.  In general, they fall into two categories: (1) detail items that seem to always get missed but which keep coming up as questions, and (2) “big picture” ideas that glue all the odds and ends the books cover into the overarching concepts that are so important to understanding.  I suppose that I am arrogant enough to think that these might be of general use to other educators.

Stay tuned for additions and further organization.  This page is not yet accessible from the site menus as I’m still trying to figure out how to organize it, and there are a lot of topics I’m still working on.

Copyright information

The author retains copyright, but grants educators the right reproduce and distribute this material to students under the provision that it is done so at no cost to the students.  Images from this material may be used in the production of other educational works providing that proper credit is given to the author and that said derivative works are themselves distributed without charge.


Going From the Time-Dependent to the Time-Independent Schrödinger Equation

Where Those Strange Quantum Numbers Come From

Why the Classical Hamiltonian Doesnt Work for Quantum Mechanics

The Ideal Gas Law – Three Derivations, One Reality

Challenge – Why Do Neutrons and Protons Have Spin 1/2?

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