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End of the Ancients

The Ancients are gone, vanished to an unknown place, having left for an unknown reason.  But before disappearing 5,000 years ago, they fought a terrible battle that lit the night skies like daytime.  Then silence.  They left behind them works of great wonder, artifacts of great power, and most of all … that powerful enemy who forced them to leave the world of elves and dwarves so long ago.  Standing in their place now as Protector of the Elves, is an unlikely farm boy, whose only claim to fame is that he likes to read.


The Lastchild coverThe Lastchild

(248,000 words)

A routine hike to a neighboring city turns anything but routine to Lad Oxley when he encounters a dwarf, a fiery shadow that walks on its own, and a band of gargoyles brandishing broadswords.

He quickly finds himself in a new world with its own set of dangers and horrors. Magic is failing and becoming unpredictable, the elves are weakening, evil is becoming ever more powerful, and there seems to be no way to stop it. No one knows what is behind it. All those who could understand Old Elfin have been exterminated; only Lad remains. If there is hope, it lies with this farm boy who likes to read, cryptic runes, and a god-like people who vanished abruptly 5,000 years ago. In his dreams that are not dreams, he is called the Lastchild.

On an impossible mission, one step ahead of dark forces, he must learn the ultimate secret of the Ancients before the Lastchild remembers and cements history forever.



To Follow:

The Last Children

Lad Oxley hatches a plan that leads an elfin teacher and 13 of her students into the Wild Lands, into incredible danger, and nearly certain death, and at a time when a mysterious religious cult plans to unleash the walkers upon the world once again.  Has he lost his mind, or is there some deeper plot at work?

The Firstborn

How was Lad to know that when the last of the portals to the World of the Lightbringers was sealed that it would trigger an inimical trap set by the Fallen, one that would unwind history 5000 years?  He, Andrael, Kimrael, and the children are the only ones remaining from Woodhaven, as no one else even remembers the lands of the elves and dwarves.  How can he possibly put history back together?

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