Jan 16

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A Gallery of Covers

You see, I was never really happy with the cover for Korvoros.  It seemed so lackluster and generic.  There was so much that I could have put on it, but I figured that doing so would either be confusing or give something crucial away.  I’m preparing A Hierarchy of Gods, the next in the series, for publication, and after a couple of revisions came up with a cover I liked.  I thought, “You know, I’d buy that book.”

Somewhere along the line, I decided that having the covers for the rest of The Saga of Banak-Zuur might possible drum up some interest in the first one, so I embarked on the project of creating more of them now.  Some I really like.  Others are … OK.  In any event, while working on them, I got ideas that I could apply to Korvoros, so now it has a cover I like a lot better.  Expect improvements in the others before publication date.

I present them here in a slideshow.  There are eight books in the series, and as of now, I’ve done six of the covers.  I’ll add the last two when I get them done.


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