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Child rapists all. Yesterday, they were secure, satisfied, smug, and below the radar of both Special Victims and Child Welfare. Today, they’re dead.

Each one executed professionally with three precision shots, one to send a message and the others to send death. There are no signs of forced entry or struggle, and no clues left behind other than a hand-lettered calling card that says, “Nemesis.” Even more mysteriously, the killer has gotten the victims to decrypt the child porn on their computers so there is no doubt about their guilt.

It has to be a highly trained mercenary, but that leaves the motive up in the air. It has to be someone the victims knew and trusted, but no two of them ever knew the same people. It has to be someone who can sneak in and out invisibly under the watchful eyes of stake-out crews.

If detectives Wickham and Starr are stymied by the lack of evidence and conflicting facts, they are even more stymied by how the perpetrator is able to locate child molesters that the police had never heard of, and to do it fast and efficiently, sometimes two or three a day. When Special Forces/S.W.A.T consultant Evelyn Sowolski suggests a shocking and terrifying possibility, no one suspects that even she falls far short of the truth.

And now they face competition. No longer is it just the police seeking the executioner; the surviving child molesters are starting to fight back, and their agents will use any method available.

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