Aug 06

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Rough Draft of Cover for A Hierarchy of Gods

Cover for A Hierarchy of GodsI like the general idea.  Without giving too much away, there is no little girl on the cover, but there is a sadistic sociopath.  The equations belong to the one you mistook for a little girl, and the galaxy isn’t too far away, with the right technology.   The book is a long way from being released, but you have to work on something when the muse strikes.  I’ve had some parts of this done for as long as a year, but when I ran across the picture of the blond girl with pink flowers in her hair, it was perfect because Nekalee is a blond who puts pink flowers in her hair.  I had to change her eye color because they’re supposed to be unearthly blue, but that’s the easy part.

It’s hard getting feedback, but any is welcome.







CoverAddendum: A little revision.  It’s easier to do this when I’m sleepy than to write.












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