May 10

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So? I Like Some “Girly” Things. Deal With It.

How to tell if a toy is for a boy or girlSomeone posted this image on Twitter, and I copied it to Facebook.  I thought it was so darned cool aside from it’s professional use of color.

I have kids, and as it turns out, the boys prefer “boy” toys and the girls prefer “girl” toys.  But they didn’t get that from me.  It’s unlikely that Tylor would ask for doll, but quite a bit more likely that Rayanna would ask for Star Wars Legos, but should either case actually transpire, I would have no problem getting them what they wanted.  Children should be allowed to develop their interests even if it challenges the authority of peer pressure.

In case you don’t know me, I’m a radical feminist, a position that developed when I was a Girl Scout leader and noticed something decidedly wrong culturally when the girls were afflicted with adolescence.  Without going into the concepts of radical feminism (I’ll leave that as a homework assignment for you to research) , there is a simple observation that shows we still live in a patriarchal society.

It is OK for a girl to be a tomboy (at least for a while) but it is not OK for a boy to be a tomgirl.  In fact, the word tomgirl is not clearly defined in the English language, and my spell-checker doesn’t like it.  Similarly, it is OK for a professional woman to go to work in a suit, but would be horrifying for a professional man to go to work in a dress.  The explanation exposes a fundamental flaw in our attitudes.  It is reasonable for a female of any age to aspire to “maleness” but quite the indicator of insanity if a male wants to degrade himself by pursuing “femaleness.”

Iggy Pop in a Dress

Iggy Pop in a Dress

In our society, maleness is still better.

I’ve believed for years that the feminist movement has failed in that it has attempted to achieve sexual equality by making women more like men.  That is an implicit recognition that the male paradigm is better.  Where did that stupid idea come from?  Women do not need to become men to achieve social equality; they are fine as they are.  It is society that needs to change, but it persists in enforcing a double standard.

Bullshit.  I won’t be a party to that.

Let it be known that there are many “male” things that I like.  These include power tools, James Bond, action movies, high-tech gadgets, pumpkin pie (science shows a connection), and so on.  But let it also be known that I reject the notion that I am restricted to liking “male” things and that I am hereby publicly and proudly announcing that there are some “girly” things that I also like, and that it is no shame on me to do so.

  1. Dolls.  Well, some dolls, like the American Heritage Dolls.  I despise Barbie and similar crap for the sexist message they broadcast.
  2. Pink.
  3. Fairies.  Tinkerbell is so cute!
  4. Unicorns.
  5. Big, fluffy hair bands.
  6. Romance novels. Some of them are really quite good.

There you have it.  I might dredge up more if I think about it longer.  If you wish to look down your nose at me, then go right ahead.  No water of my back.  If it ruffles your feathers, then good.  Grow up and learn to deal with it.

PS: I really, really don’t like heels.

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