Jun 12

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Software I Do

He who lives by the computer dies by the computer.

I don’t know if anyone ever said that before, and if so, I’m not even sure that it’s true.  But if it is, I know how I’ll die.  I do have tools in the conventional sense: mechanics tools, power tools with cords that plug into the wall, an oxy-acetylene torch.  And I use them as required.  But what I live by, what I would probably be lost without, are software tools.

Software gone wild

If you’re an anime geek and recognize the anime, you will get the reference. If not, my condolences.

This is not an exhaustive list; it doesn’t include games, social media stuff like TweetDeck, Skype, and so forth.  It is only a list of skills and tools I use professionally. or at least productively, though some of the items I neglected can be arguably called productive. A recent post mention mentions five critical pieces of software in my graphics workflow with mention that there are others.  Of course, there are other workflows, too.  Here is the grand list, and I’m not about to guarantee that I’ve not left something out.

Can I do everything?  Heck, no!  One thing comes to mind immediately.  I can do 3D modelling and rendering, and have done OpenGL programming, but real shader programming?  I’d have to start from scratch.

This is just to let you know how hopelessly dependent I am on bits and bytes.

Software Development

  1. General Languages
    C/C++, Java, PHP, SQL, Delphi, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
    I have Python, but never really got to using it, and lots of languages from the past.  Simscript?  Really?
  2. Platforms
    MS Windows, Linux, .NET
    Virtualbox for virtual environments
  3. IDEs and editors
    NetBeans, Code::Blocks (gcc or Borland compilers), Notepad++
  4. Web development environment
    Apache, MySQL, Tomcat, Flash, Firefox development tools
  5. Design and Management
    Rational Rose, ArgoUML, DBDesigner, yEd, ProjectLibre
  6. Computer maintenance
    Cobian Backup, Defraggler, TreeSize, Agent Ransack, ESET Smart Security, MalwareBytes, AdAware, Spybot, PeaZip
  7. Other
    GitHub, WinSCP, SSH, Telnet, Cisco VPN client, CommView


  1. Word processors
    Scrivener, Lotus Word Pro, MS Office
  2. E-book preparation
    Calibre, Sigil, KindleGen, Kindle Previewer
  3. Research
    Mendeley, Zotero, The  Internet
  4. Special tools
    FontLab, WordWeb, Oxford English Dictionary, MuseScore

Science and Mathematics

  1. Mathematics
    Mathematica, MATLAB, LAPACK, Excel, SciLab, R
  2. Drawing
    MathType, ACD ChemSketch
  3. Chemistry
    Avogadro, VMD, OpenBabel
  4. Astronomy
    Stellarium, Celestia, Cartes du Ceil


  1. Drafting
    AutoCAD, TurboCAD
  2. Electronics
    KiCAD, PSPICE, AVR Studio


  1. 3D modeling
    3ds Max, DAZ Studio, Mudbox, V-Ray Rendering Engine (really want HairFarm!)
  2. Raster and vector graphics
    CorelDraw, PhotoPaint, (Illustrator and Photoshop, occasionally), Filter Forge, Fantamorph  PaintShop Pro, Corel Painter
  3. Video compositing and processing
    After Effects, Composite, DVD Lab Pro, VirtualDub, Handbrake, MKVmergeGUI, AutoGordianKnot, AviDemux, MakeMKV, AviSynth, Subtitle Workshop, Easy Subtitles Synchronizer
  4. Terrain generation
    Bryce, World Machine
  5. Audio
    Audition, Audacity, WaveEditor, AV Voice Changer
  6. Presentation
    Powerpoint, Adobe Acrobat, DjView
  7. Other
    ImgBurn, VLC

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