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Jul 01

Final Horizon Approaches

Final Horizon has an unusual history. I had an idea for a space horror novel that I tentatively called Butterflies, a particularly and intentionally deceptive name. But I never wrote it because I didn’t see the point. Just another monster story. Just another alien planet.  It didn’t really have anything to say other than as …

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Dec 29

Why I Haven’t Written for Children

  There are a few things that people shouldn’t do unless they can’t help it. Unless they were born to do it. Two of those are writing and teaching, and I am afflicted with both. If you’ve read my profile anywhere, you know that I’ve been writing for a long, long time.  I’m not even …

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Jan 19

The Portable Writing Solution

My need for portable writing came abruptly: my laptop died. It wasn’t a spectacular death; it just refused to recognize that I had the power adapter plugged in. If the battery would charge, it would still work. I noticed this failure a while before it drained its last watt-second, and made provisions to stay in …

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Dec 20

What is Hard Sci-Fi?

We all know what hard sci-fi is, don’t we?  It’s that … well….  I thought I knew what it was until I visited KindleBoards, which I don’t do nearly as often as I should, and checked in on a thread I’d commented on. Another member had said that he read mostly hard science fiction, biographies, …

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Jun 11

A Preview of Two Prologues

As you might know, each book of The Saga of Banak-Zuur has a prologue.  They also have epilogues, but that’s another post, I suppose.  Writing those prologues has been one of the high points of the series; they’ve been a lot of fun.  Here I present two of my favorites, with the understanding that they …

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